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Most of the big payday lenders in the UK provide assistance to their borrowers through their online loan calculator and even financial advising. Borrowers can take advantage of these free services in order for them to be informed and be aware of their expectations.

Once decided to push through, borrowers should be ready with the requirements such as details of the employment and bank/current account on top of the common requirements of being a resident in UK and of legal age.

Then click the "APPLY" button to start the loan application process and borrowers will be guided accordingly. Enter every truthful detail to avoid complication. The online application at Loans Now will just take few minutes. After submitting the accomplished application, send it.

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Wait for few hours (or even minutes) as the lender assess the borrower's application and you will receive confirmation as well as result of your application within 24 hours.

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For borrowers whom their loan application is accepted, the lender will email an electronic copy of the loan terms and agreement in which the borrowers have to read and understand.

After that, borrowers will have to electronically sign the agreement (depending on the e-signing ways of the lender) and send it back to the lender via e-mail. Everything is confidential and borrowers can feel safe and secure with the information they provided with the lenders.

Once the lender received the electronically signed agreement, the borrowed money will then be deposited to the bank account that the borrower provided. The borrower can now withdraw and use that money for the rightful purposes.

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